Welcome to the home of huskies




We wish you warmly welcome to meet the charming individuals of our pack. The canine members of our small family kennel include huskies of all ages from youngsters to pensioner – every dog ready to become your new best friend!

You can also participate in the daily routines of the kennel.

Suitable for all.

Duration: 1 hour

We kindly ask you to check the location of our kennel before making your booking. Our pack lives in a natural environment close to forests and away from city lights, so public transport is few and far between. You can book a taxi, minivan or coach for you and your group conveniently.

We want to ensure that all our guests have the opportunity to meet our dogs in peace and quiet. For this reason, all our tours are private tours, apart from scheduled weekly programmes or when otherwise stated. We therefore kindly remind you that if you book your kennel visit at 10 a.m., for example, it will also be your arrival time at our kennel. We will schedule our days in such a way that every group will have plenty of time to meet and greet our dogs before the next group of visitors arrive.