Loihakka is a family business spezializing in husky safaris in Oulu, Finland.

We have over twenty years of experience in husky safaris around Northern Finland and in the Oulu region, along with thousands of happy customers around the world.

Loihakka is not a dog farm: all our dogs are individuals in their own right and they live as valuable members of our family. We take pride in our cheerful, friendly and well-tended dogs, who are always happy to give our visiting explorers an unforgettable experience in the wilderness.

Our joyful, friendly Siberian Huskies are happy to give you a ride through the glittering snow. Our huskies know how to enjoy the snow and they love running. Let our huskies offer you the experience of a lifetime exploring the winter wonderland.

Pack Leaders

Tero Piippo
Chief of our kennel
Caretaker of huskies, guide,
chef, jack of all trades… 

Maija Piippo
Sales and marketing manager
Caretaker of huskies, guide,
chef, jack of all trades… 

Our huskies love their work and we love to see them wagging their tails and eager to go. For this reason, our kennel is open on bookings only: as pack leaders, we want to make sure that our dogs have at least one full day of rest all to themselves.