We are working towards achieving a more sustainable world.

Public transport

Our kennel is located less than 20 km from Oulu’s international airport, Oulu railway station and the hotels in the city centre. Unfortunately, public transport connections are not optimal.

Our menu

The delicacies served in our traditional kammi hut are made with local and/or organic ingredients whenever possible. We live in the middle of unspoiled forests that are bursting with mushrooms and berries. As a result, these two treats from the unpolluted Finnish nature are present in almost all of our dishes. The Bothnian Bay surrounds us in three directions, and therefore we cooperate closely with local fishermen who have made a living from the sea for generations. This is our way of supporting local livelihoods and keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible.


Our kennel area is currently covered by grass, but a large part of the area used by our huskies for leisure and play – their running pen – will be turned into a flower meadow in spring 2020. This way, we will be doing our bit to promote biodiversity, improve the habitats for pollinators in the area, and decrease emissions related to the mowing of the lawn.

The entire kennel area is lit with LED lights equipped with a timer. Service facilities are also lit with LED lights. To create atmosphere, we mainly use traditional storm lanterns, which means that no waste is generated. Our client facilities are heated by means of an open fire. Our firewood is produced in compliance with the principles of sustainable development in a nearby forest. Our firewood is supplied by a local self-employed person. The service facilities are currently heated with electricity, but we are working on finding a more sustainable solution.

We favour recycled and durable materials. We use straw, generally considered an agricultural by-product, as bedding. Experience has shown that straw is durable for long-term use, has good thermal insulation properties, dries quickly and it is the most favoured bedding material by our dogs.

Dogs are carnivores and in order to work, they need high-quality feed. In addition to fish from the Bothnian Bay, our dogs mainly eat the by-products from a local abattoir. In the autumn, our dogs enjoy chewing juicy elk bones, a by-product of local elk hunting.

We purchase meat, fish and industrial feed in large quantities to minimise emissions related to transport. We compost our dogs’ excrement together with plant-based waste, and the soil generated as the end result is used to fill the holes dug by our furry friends. Our dogs are happy to express their natural behaviours, so there are plenty of holes to fill!


Our route is optimised with respect for the terrain and vegetation. Hardly any trees had to be logged or undergrowth removed.

We utilise existing footpaths and fireplaces in all our programmes. In some programmes, marking the route is necessary for safety reasons. In this case, we use reusable signposts made of recycled materials.

Waste management

We separate plastic, metal, glass, biowaste and cardboard, among others. All waste is recycled or disposed of in an appropriate manner. For example, the plates we use are 100% biodegradable.

Sustainable Finland Pledge

Nature has taken care of us for millions of years and now it’s time for us to take care of it in return. By taking the Sustainable Finland Pledge you make a promise to respect and treasure the Finnish nature, its inhabitants and culture during your visit.


Our huskies love their work and we love to see them wagging their tails and eager to go. For this reason, our kennel is open on bookings only: as pack leaders, we want to make sure that our dogs have at least one full day of rest all to themselves.